Ladder safety at home is often not taken seriously. Everyone figures that they’ll be able to catch themselves when they fall but often you’re falling before your body can even think of reacting.  It’s important to practice good ladder safety at home.  Here are some simple ladder safety tips to be mindful of:

  1. Check the weight rating and choose the right ladder. Ladders come in a variety of shapes, size materials, and ratings. Different ladders are needed for different jobs. Knowing which one is appropriate for each task is crucial. The most common type of ladders is step ladders and extension ladders. Pick the correct ladder and height for what you’re planning to do. Don’t over-extend a ladder for extra height and account for the weight of tools equipment etc.
  2. Make sure the ladder is stable before you climb on it. Don’t use a ladder until you’re sure of its stability. Proper grounding and clearance are vital for ensuring ladder safety.
  3. Always inspect the ladder before you use it. Look to see if you can identify any damage or wear. Pull-on the rungs and test the lock bars to make sure it’s stable and secure.
  4. Don’t carry items with you as you climb the ladder. There are a lot of injuries that occur when you’re trying to do too many things on the ladder. 

Consider these tips and more each time you use a ladder at home. This will ensure that you remain injury-free and safe.

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