When painting a room do you think the paint finish matters? Different rooms will put a different demand on the surfaces in that room. So there are some guidelines that you can follow to choose the right finish for your pain.

  • For high traffic areas, satin and eggshell paint are the best finish. This finish is not only attractive and practical but also easy to maintain. You can just wipe the walls down with a damp cloth.
  • If you’re painting cabinets or woodwork semi-gloss is best. It’s a great contrast against matte or satin walls. And it’s also a good choice for kitchen cabinets because you can wipe them down easily.
  • In bedrooms, dining rooms and in closets flat paint is nice. Flat paint is a great choice for older walls that have a lot of character.
  • Semi-gloss paint works well in the bathroom and laundry because it can stand up to high moisture. A mildew resistant formulation is best for these rooms.

There are lots of options when it comes to the paint and finishes that you want. Choose well based on the functionality of the room along with the look you are going for.

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