You can easily change a light fixture with some basic tools in 30 minutes. Here are a few simple steps to help you tackle this hight impact project.  

Turn the Power Off – Most important, before you start any electrical project. You cant simply cut off the power at the light switch. Turn the light switch on and off to make sure there’s no power running to the light.

Remove the Old Fixture –  Losen the hardware holding the fixture in place. It should come away from the wall or ceiling. Use a screwdriver to separate the fixture from the surface if it does not come apart easily.

Disconnect the Wires – Use a current detector to make sure there’s no electrical current running to the fixture. Disconnect each of the wires. Hold your fixture while you disconnect it.

Attach the Bracket -Your new light fixture should come with a bracket that attaches to the electrical box. Many light fixtures come with a universal bracket, which can attach to many different types of electrical boxes. Use a screwdriver to secure the bracket to the electrical box

Wire Your New Fixture – Wiring your fixture is as simple as connecting black to black, white to white, and copper to copper. Connect your two black wires first, using the wire nut provided. Next, connect your two white or neutral wires

Attach the Ground Wire – Connect your two ground wires. All you need to do is to attach the ground wire in the fixture to your electrical box itself. 

Secure the Fixture -Use the hardware provided to secure your fixture to your mounting bracket and electrical box. Next, screw in the light bulbs and secure any final hardware or screen on your fixture

Turn It On – You’re ready to turn your power back on at the source.

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