• Central vacuums are larger and often produce more powerful suction than portable vacuum systems. Typically, they have about three to five times more suction power than conventional vacuum units.
  • You don’t have to drag the main vacuuming unit around with you. The most you’d have to carry with a central vacuum is a hose and a few light accessories.
  • The dust that’s sucked in is conveyed to the central power system without exposure to the indoor air. Healthier indoor air quality as a result
  • The central vacuum cleaner is quieter than the conventional one since the motorized power unit is stored away from the main living areas.
  • As you vacuum more, the suction of regular vacuuming systems often decreases; the central vacuum doesn’t reduce suction unless there’s clogging.
  • Installing a central vacuum unit in your home adds a few thousand dollars to its value.

The Cons Of Using A Central Vac

  • Central vacuums tend to be more expensive, costing an average of $1,000 to $3,000 to install. The price varies with the size and strength, as well as the accessories you want to accompany the vacuum unit.
  • If your system isn’t a Hide a Hose, you’ll still have to carry a long hose around. It all depends on which one you mind more; carrying hoses and attachments or a 20-pound unit.
  • Central vacuum systems aren’t as energy efficient as portable vacuum cleaners.
  • Vacuuming stairs can be difficult, depending on the positioning of your inlets.
  • Some homeowners who aren’t satisfied with how central vacs clean wall-to-wall carpets say that they’re needed to buy an extra battery-powered nozzle, especially for carpeting.

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